Recapture the thrill and the wonder of the beloved story of the Day that Jesus was born, as told by the Animals themselves for the very first time. Be touched forevermore over and over again this Christmas Day, as never before. Hear their voices and what they have to say!

About The App

In this APP the Animals present at the manger are given voice for the first time, and tell their own story of the Day that Jesus was born. It is beautifully and classically illustrated with added interactions on the screen in 3D gyroscopic effects. The gorgeous modern Carols are fully orchestrated and sung by a choir with children and set to the wonderful poems by Jules Cashford. It is a glorious and meaningful offering, an unequaled experience for children and their parents for Christmas and beyond.

For maximum enjoyment the app is best experienced through headphones and audio speakers. The interactive effects are enabled by finger tapping on the screen.

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